(1) Apricot Couronne








(2) Banana Bread

Banana brvad xx







(3) Basque Eggs

Basque Egg







(4) Breads

Vienna Bread







(5) Candied Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato

yams s








(6) Cheddar Chive Scones

cheddar and chives scones







(7) Chocolate Banana Bread









(8) Chocolate Crepes

Choc Crepes 3








(9) Crepes

Crepes 2







(10) Croissants








(11) Fonio (Acha) Pudding

Acha Pudding 2







(12) Giant Donut Holes (Puff -Puff)

Puff Puff with Honey









(13) Greek Yogurt and Caramelized Figs Parfait








(14) Greek Yogurt with Honey and Pistachios

Greek Yogurt








(15) Honey Granola








(16) Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns









(17) Lemon Banana Bread

Banana xx








(18)  Lemon Blueberry Loaf









(19) Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf

Lemon Poppyseed Bread








(20) Lipton Tea Loaf

Lipton Tea Loaf







(21) Matcha Loaf








(22) Millet Pudding








(23) Mocha Rum Loaf

mocha xx







(24) Pain au Chocolat

pain au chocolat







(25) Pancakes








(26) Pineapple Coconut Loaf

Pineapple and Coconut Cake2







(27) Pineapple Syrup

pineapple Syrup







(28) Plantain and Coconut Fritters

Plantain Coconut Fritters







(29) Plantain Bread

Plantain Bread








(30) Potato Nests

Potato Basket







(31) Pound Cake

Pound Cake







(32) Red Velvet Pancakes with Maple Cream Cheese Glaze

Red Velvet Pancakes








(33) Shrimp in the Hole

shrimp in the hole








6 comments on “Breakfast
  1. lara says:

    wooooow all look yummy

  2. Miracle says:

    Thanks for this recipe . yoi just made my day

  3. Yemisi Toba says:

    I am so glad i found this site. I am never one to return to write reviews but after i tried your banana bread , Tiramisu and Nigerian cake i had to. They all came out perfect! My husband who previously hated banana bread now bugs me to make some… lol.
    Thanks Terry

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