Cake Designing Tutorials

For posts on how to execute certain cake designing techniques like swirls, quilts, paneling, stencils, ruffles, lace, chevron, stripes, et cetera, click here.

(1) The Making of a Shirt Cake

white shirt cake









(2) The Making of a Bridal Shower Cake

bouquet cake









(3) The Making of a Wooden Flower Box Cake








(4) The Making of a Pink and Green Birthday Cake

pink and green cake 2









(5) The Making of a Purse on a Quilted Stool Cake

Bag Cak









(6) The Making of a Two Tier Wedding Cake with Magnolia Flowers

wedding cake with magnolia







(7) The Making of a Tote Bag Cake










(8) The Making of a Two Tier Princess Cake

2014-12-27 10.17.48-2









(9) The Making of a Naked Cake

naked cake









(10) How to Make Princess Cakes










(11) The Making of a Baby Rump Cake

baby rump cake









(12) The Making of a Rapunzel Cake









(13) The Making of a Lego Cake

Lego Cake









(14) The Making of a Fashionista Cake










(15) How to Make a Tree Stump Cake

tree stump









(16) The Making of a Baby-Crib Baby Shower Cake

Baby shower cake









(17) The Making of a Crucifixion Cake

Crucifixion Cake









(18) The Making of a Gold and Silver Stiletto Cake










(19) The Making of a Pink Ombre Cake with Cherry Blossoms










(20) The Making of a Landscape Painted Cake








(21) The Making of a Batman Cake








(22) The Making of a Diaper Bag Cake

Diaper Bag








(23) The Making of a Zebra and Hot Pink Cake







(24) The Making of an Avatar: the Last Airbender Book Cake









(25) The Making of a Paris Bridal Shower Cake










(26) The Making of a Diego and Dora Cake

dora and diego









(27) The Making of an Avant-garde Wedding Cake

avant garde









(28) The Making of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

mickey mouse









(29) The Making of a Messy Bed Cake

messy bed cake









(30) The Making of a Blue Jewelry Gift Box Cake

jewelry box









(31) The Making of a Ballerina Cake









(32) The Making of a Winter House Cake








(33) The Making of a Sofia the First Cupcake Cake (Pictorial)








(34) The Making of a Shoe Addiction Cake

shoe bag









(35) How to Make Jersey Cakes








(36) The Making of a Diamond Patterned Cake with a Dramatic Bow









(37) The Making of a Lego Chima Jigsaw Puzzle Cake

Lego Chima








(38) The Making of a Church Building with Domed Roof Cake

church building







(39) How to Make Crumb Coated Wedding Cakes

Naked Cake









(40) The Making of  a Noah’s Ark Cake

Noah's ark.









(41) The Making of a Graduation Cake

graduation cap








(42) How to Make Pop/Soda Cup Cakes










(43) The Making of a Dancehall Cake

Dance Hall Cake









(44) The Making of a Surgeon Uniform Cake










(45) The Making of an Orange and Black Tufted Billow Weave Cake

tufted billow









(46) The Making of a Cinema Reel Cake

Cinema Reel Cake









(47) The Making of a Baby Shower Cake with Baby Shoes Topper

baby shoe









(48) The Making of a Dressed Igbo Woman Cake










(49) The Making of a Chess Cake

chess cake









(50) The Making of Elsa’s Castle Cake

Frozen Cake









(51) The Making of a Draped Aso Oke Cake

aso oke









(52) The Making of a Cars Cake (1)










(53) The Making of a TMNT Cake










(54) The Making of a Jewelry Encrusted Cake with Rose Swirl










(55) The Making of a Frozen Cake with Antlers Topper










(56) The Making of a Lego Cake (2)









(57) The Making of a Nigerian Luggage Wedding Cake










(58) How to Make Baby Bump Cakes

baby bump









(59) The Making of a Stained Glass Confirmation Cake

stained glass









(60) The Making of a Pink and Cream Church Building Cake

church building








(61) The Making of a 5 Tier Wedding Cake

wedding cake









(62) The Making of a Two Tier Buttercream Cake










(63) The Making of a Stenciled Buttercream Sheet Cake








(64) The Making of a Dapper Baby Shower Cake










(65) The Making of a Pink and White Quilted Cake










(66) The Making of an Ivory Blossom Cake

ivory blossom









(67) The Making of a Power Rangers Cake

Power Rangers









(68)  The Making of a Wood Grain Cake with Flowers










(69) The Making of a Baby Dedication Cake with Dove Toppers










(70) The Making of a Nikon Camera Cake










(71) The Making of a White and Gold Wedding Anniversary Cake










(72) The Making of a Law Review Cake

law review









(73) The Making of a Cars Cake (2)

Tow Mater









(74) The Making of a Sofia the First Cake










(75) The Making of a Gold and Royal Blue Prince Cake










(76) The Making of a Manchester United Cake

Man U








(77) The Making of a Football Cake








(78) The Making of an Avengers Cake









(79) The Making of a Mickey Mouse Cake










(80) The Making of a Concrete Block Cake










(81) The Making of a Thomas the Tank Engine Cake










(82) The Making of a Cars Cake










(83) The Making of a Hat Cake

Hat Cake









(84) The Making of a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Twin Cakes








(85) The Making of a Beer Bottle Cap Cake










(86) The Making of a Bassinet Cake









(87) How to Make Box Cakes









(88) The Making of a String Aso Oke Cake

aso oke









(89) The Making of Chevron Baby Shower Cakes with Elephant Toppers










(90) The Making of a Regal Cake with Extended Swirl Design










(91) How to Make Black and White Striped Cakes










(92) The Making of Fondant Plaid Cakes










(93) The Making of a Tired Dora the Explorer Cake










(94) The Making of a Polo Shirt and V-Neck Sleeveless Sweater Cake










(95) The Making of a Thanksgiving Wooden Barrel Cake










(96) The Making of a Star Ankara Cake










(97) The Making of a Game of Thrones Cake









(98) How to Make Suit/Tuxedo Cake Tiers










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  1. Tosin Coker says:

    Can neva xpect anytin less.i hope u’re seein d work of ur learner.i hp i am getin there.

  2. abiola says:

    great job terry. trying out your tutorial. more grease to your elbow

  3. wandey says:

    U d best bro. Fanks for the tutorial. Rily happend me with my son’s birthday cake

  4. queen says:

    u rock terry .

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    Uncle Terry u are living in a realm of EXPLOITS.

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    Thanks boss,u’re d BEST.loving uuuu

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    Hmm more grease 2 ur elbow. Hope 2 pick 1 4. My graduation project. Thanks.

  8. Adedunni opeyemi says:

    Pls did hv any practical on talking drum

  9. Adedunni opeyemi says:


  10. Prissygold says:

    Nice work Terry. Plsssss, how did u achieve the black color of dat tie on the shirt. Used up a whole can of wilton black color gel while making a car cake for my son’s bday bt stil dint get black. Had to use it dat way tho. Pls help in case of nxt tym! Tnx!

    • Terry Adido says:

      Hi. I used wilton black color paste. Yes, it does need a lot of color, but not as much color as you used. Secondly, if you leave the colored fondant to sit for about a day, it gets darker. Lastly, I have read about people putting cocoa powder in their fondant to darken it before applying black color paste. The results look impressive.

      • Prissygold says:

        Tanx. Wil definitely try the cocoa on a smal batch next tym. Tho started with wilton brown b4 adding the black tho the black was a bit watery not gel-lyk. Mayb its ‘wilton-made-by-my-nigerian-brethren’. Wil probably use anoda color brand nxt tym. Tanx again!

  11. Daby Cakes says:

    Hello Terry, nice work and great tutorial always, do keep it up. Pls help me with a gum paste recipe that can work very well in Nigeria. Thanks

  12. Nwankwo charity says:

    Great job. thanks for sharing all this with us. that’s so thoughtful of you & God bless you

  13. sophia osakue says:

    I love you sir!you are the keep on pouring out your knowledge,holding nothing back.May God bless you for us.

  14. judith says:

    You are something else I can see Gods wisdom at work in you. I will like to learn can u teach me please so dat I can be like u

  15. lorlah says:

    I love you so much. You are doing a great job here and I appreciate your help. Thank you for helping me grow. God bless you so much sir.

  16. Enhle says:

    Thank you so much.ur the best

  17. Bukola Adesalu says:

    You are doing a great job here Terry, more grease to you elbow. My boy will be 10 in a couple of weeks, can you please give an advice of the cake to make him?
    Thanks in anticipation.

  18. the cupcake diva says:

    Hi Terry, do you have any tutorial for the stenciled buttercream? Thanks

  19. eminent people cakes says:

    well-done greater height in Jesus name

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    You’d never know what good this just did me. Nevertheless, thank you very much , I’m most grateful for the knowledge

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    Dear Terry, I am pleased beyond words. Can never appretiate you enough. Thanks for making me grow. YOU ROCK!

  22. wakama uchechi charity says:

    Thanks so much. Please help me with step by step wrapper making tutorial. Thank you.

  23. Genevieve Marizu says:

    Hi Terry,
    Good day.
    Please I searched on your cake designing tutorials for a bible cake but I couldn’t find any.
    Please can get my hands on any?

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