Fondant Flowers

This page is dedicated to fondant flowers. To find other fondant molds, images, toppers and design, click on this link.

(1) Fondant Berries Tutorial

bouquet cake 3







(2) Fondant Blossom Flowers Tutorial










(3) Fondant Blossom Flowers Using Circle Cutters










(4) Fondant Blossom Flowers without Molds or Cutters










(5) Fondant Carnations Tutorial








(6) Fondant Cherry Blossom Tutorial









(7) Fondant Fantasy Hibiscus Flower Tutorial










(8) Fondant Gerbera Daisy Tutorial








(9) Fondant Magnolia Flower Tutorial

magnolia flower







(10) Fondant Rose Tutorial (Easy)

bouquet cake 2








(11) Fondant Ruffles Flower Tutorial










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  1. oluwatosin says:

    thanks 4 aso oke cake….cld u place a tutorial on sekere n gongon cake

  2. angela says:

    Wonderful tutorials,God bless U for being selfless. U’v given out so much,remain bless.

  3. jane runo says:

    Lovely blog. God bless u

  4. Aisha says:

    Lovely tutorials Mr. Terri Adido. Thanks.

  5. Olusola says:

    You are wonderful and generous. Thank you for sharing your gift and knowledge. You are selfless. God bless you continuously.

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