Meet Terry Adido


My name is Terry Adido. Originally from Nigeria, I now reside in Edmonton Canada. I am globally known for being a finalist on the third season of MasterChef Canada. You can read about my audition experience here. I am also a trained lawyer and legal scholar.

I enjoy traveling around the world and I never fail to try out, and of course, recreate the local cuisines of my destination cities. Two of my favorites cities, Paris and Rome, and my native country Nigeria have influenced my food ideology and style of cooking which I refer to as Afro-European Fusion. I love to pay homage to classics and so you will find authentic recipes like boeuf bourguignonPanettone, Stollen and Paella de Marisco on this website.

Growing up in the Northern part of Nigeria, I learnt how to make authentic Northern Nigerian dishes like Miyan Kuka, Miyan Busheshen Kubewa, Miyan Gyada, Fura da Nono and Gwete to mention a few. This is the only food blog which provides you with original Hausa recipes.

I am well known for my cakes (See Gallery here) and other baked goods. I love teaching young bakers how to bake from scratch and execute a lot of technical cake designs. A lot of bakers have come to appreciate and rely on my cake making and fondant art tutorials which can be found here and here respectfully. I am a fruitcake enthusiast and each year I create new fruitcakes recipes. You can find a healthy collection of various fruitcake recipes here.

I am a strong believer of making meals from scratch. My “How To” page shows how to make things like butter, pure vanilla extract, fondant, ravioli and puff pastry from scratch.

If you love good food, you are in for the ride of your life.