Fondant Molds, Sculptures and Designs Tutorials

(1) Fondant 2D Characters (Batman, Spiderman, Goku, Diego, Dora, etc)










(2) Fondant 3D Clouds Tutorial








(3) Fondant Aircraft Tutorial









(4) Fondant Animals Tutorials (Lions, Elephants, Bunnies, Giraffes, Cows, et cetera)








(5) Fondant Antlers Tutorial









(6) Fondant Arrow Tails Tutorial








(7) Fondant Balloons Tutorial









(8) Fondant Beads Bracelet Tutorial








(9) Fondant Bed Frame Tutorial







(10) Fondant Bible and Cross Toppers Tutorials

bible and cross







(11) Fondant Bow Tutorial

Zebra and Bow Cake







(12) Fondant Bow Tie Tutorial










(13) Fondant Brooch Pictorial (1)

2015-02-23 19.40.09-1








(14) Fondant Brooch Pictorial (2)








(15) Fondant Captain America Shield Tutorial








(16) Fondant Chess Pieces Pictorial








(17) Fondant Conifer Trees Tutorial (1)


(18) Fondant Conifer Tree Tutorial (2)


(19) Fondant Conifer Tree Tutorial (3)










(20) Fondant Eiffel Tower Tutorial

Eiffel Tower

(21) Fondant Eyeglasses Pictorial










(22) Fondant Feather Tutorial









(23) Fondant Fireman Sam Pictorial

fireman sam 4









(24) Fondant Flowers Tutorial (Roses, Carnations, Magnolia, et cetera)








(25) Fondant Gavel Tutorial

law review









(26) Fondant Gele (Head-Tie) Tutorial









(27) Fondant Hard Hat Tutorial









(28) Fondant Headband Tutorial








(29) Fondant Headphones Tutorial










(30) Fondant Hulk Fist Tutorial








(31) Fondant Iron Rods Tutorial








(32) Fondant Iron Throne Tutorial









(33) Fondant Judge Wig Tutorial










(33) Fondant Knotted Twines Tutorial








(34) Fondant Lightning McQueen Pictorial








(35) Fondant Lipstick Tutorial








(36) Fondant Loop Bow Tutorial

aso okvxxxxx







(36) Fondant Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pictorial

mickey mouse








(37) Fondant Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Tutorial (Advanced)

Mickey Mouse








(38) Fondant Microphone Tutorial








(39) Fondant Mustache Tutorial










(40) Fondant Olaf Pictorial










(41) Fondant Open Bible/Book Topper Tutorial

Opened Bible







(42) Fondant Pearls Tutorial









(43) Fondant Phone Tutorial








(44) Fondant Pop/Soda Cup Tutorial










(45) Fondant Prescription Bottle and Pills Tutorial








(46) Fondant Pumpkin Tutorial









(47) Fondant Rainbow Tutorial








(48) Fondant Shenron Pictorial










(49) Fondant Ship Tutorial (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)










(50) Fondant Shoes/Booties/Boots/Stilettos/Ballerina Slippers Tutorials









(51) Fondant Stained Glass Tutorial

stained glass









(52) Fondant Stethoscope Tutorial









(53) Fondant Teddy Tutorial

cot cak 8







(54) Fondant Teddy Pictorial (Pink and White)










(55) Fondant Teddy with Rosary Pictorial










(56) Fondant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Cake Topper Pictorial








(57) Fondant Tiaras and Crowns Tutorials










(58) Fondant Tow Mater Pictorial

Tow Mater









(59) Fondant Trowel Tutorial








(60) How to Make Fondant Silhouettes








39 comments on “Fondant Molds, Sculptures and Designs Tutorials
  1. ur hands are blessed use it to d glory of GOD

  2. Tere says:

    Can you do Spider-Man fondant art

  3. Tosin Coker says:

    Terry its been awhile,but den i missed u & ur work.ur name is a blessin 2 so many bcos u re 1 of d few 1dafully choosen generation.pls keep it up & God will cont 2 grant u all d wisdom needed.

  4. Mabel says:

    Pls Terry can we have the Princess cake tutorials on the blog for easy access? Thnk u and God bless

  5. Okocha Angela says:

    Hi, Terry. Thank you very much I and my twin made two cakes yesterday for our siblings birthday party and it was wonderful, first we made the wooden cake board, the leopard prints (replica of the one u made) then the loops on ur cake. God bless you. would have sent u a pics.

  6. Uchenna Da-silva A. says:

    Hi, Am new here. Was introduced by Tosin Coker. My pleasure.

  7. Pharteemer Olaoye says:

    Thanks so much terry

  8. Pharteemer Olaoye says:

    More strenght to your elbow. Pls how can i make fondant roses

  9. olabis says:

    I appreciate you for sharing your knowledge and how effortless you make cake craft seem. God bless you Sir.

  10. marian says:

    pls sir,wot can be added to a fondant art,inwhich after work started whitening…Wot can be added to make it shine,just the way yours shine????

  11. marian says:

    tanx sir,,but wot is shortenin?
    1 more question sir,after baking your cake and one finds out that it doesn’t scatter when eating,what can really be wrong that made it not to scatter??

    • Terry Adido says:

      Shortening is a type of baking fat. You can google it for more on shortening. The exture of your cake will depend on the recipe you use and how well you followed it. It will suggest you change recipes if you are not satisfied with the ones you are using.

  12. mutiat Ishola says:

    Hi, love all ur art work on cakes and co.please do you have a tutorial or techniques to use in making niger engagement cakes with the bride and groom wearing hear gear and a fila. please if u do, I need it desperately[ please help] . thanking you.

  13. Bisi says:

    Hi Terry just a quick question, which lustre dust is best sugar flair or rainbow? Many thanks

  14. Bisi says:

    Thank you Terry I have search the Internet also in stores here in uk there’s no wilton lustre dust. They only do sugarflair n rainbow will try my hands on them and let you know how it goes

  15. Alexa says:

    Wow! Where has your website been? I just found it today through ‘googling’ for Nigerian cake and I have since bookmarked it. Great recipes, tutorials and pictures. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  16. Hasan begum says:

    Hi Terry I just like to kmow we’re I am going wrong when I use silicon mould I find my fondant so soft and can’t seem to get it out easily and I end up losing its shape plz help me.

    • Terry Adido says:

      Hi Hassan, these tips are sure to help: (1) Brush the grooves of the mold with shortening before filling it with fondant. Shortening is preferred as it is white and wont color your fondant. In the absence of any, any clear grease would work. (2) Place the filled silicon mold in the freezer for about 10 minutes for the fondant to harden. You could leave it in the freezer for longer if you have time to spare. (3) Unmold fondant as soon as it is out of the freezer and while it is still hard and it wont lose shape.

  17. Hasna begum says:

    Thank u terry for the tips I will definitely try these

  18. Ebun says:

    Hi, am new here and am so trilled by ur works. God bless ur gifted hands!

  19. topsy says:

    Gud day Mr Terry pls sir can u share me groom nd bride moulding tutorial on traditional cake tnks need response on time sir is urgent

  20. Debbie says:

    Hi Terry, Thanks a lot for the tips, I want to try my hand on gele for a traditional marriage.

    thanks. Debbie

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