African Kitchen

(1) Beans and Corn Pottage (Adalu)








(2) Chin Chin









(3) Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice







(4) Fish Roll

fish roll







(5) Fonio Pottage (Pate Acha)








(6) Jollof Pasta








(7) Jollof Rice

jollof rice







(8) Fura da Nono (Millet Cereal)








(9) Meat Pie

meat pie 2







(10) Millet Pudding








(11) Miyan Gyada (Groundnut Soup)

miyan gyeda 2







(12) Miyan Kuka (Baobab Leaf Soup)

Kuka Soup







(13) Miyan Busheshen Kubewa (Dried Okro Soup)








(14) Moi Moi

Moin Moin







(15) Nigerian Cake

nigerian cake







(16) Nigerian Fried Rice

2015-02-13 16.04.54-2








(17)  Nigerian Pancake 

pancake 2







(18) Nigerian Wedding Cake

wedding cake








(19) Okro Soup









(20) Peppered Meat

goat meat








(21) Scotch Eggs

scotch egg

39 comments on “African Kitchen
  1. afonja f.f. says:

    Thanks for all your thoughtfulness on better cooking.

  2. umaymah says:

    Much respect for the northern Nigeria dishes like pate accha and Miyan bussashen kubewa. Our dishes are under appreciated and our cuisine not promoted. Thank you very much. I shall be taking a stroll through your recipes and set myself at least one challenge a week.

  3. fortune says:

    I love these site terry.

  4. Dee Pauls says:

    This site is so wonderful. I’m learning a lot. God bless u.

  5. Tima says:

    Wow Terry. I love d way you made all those northern dishes. I love ur cake art. Pls i’d like to know how to use meringue icing on a cake. Ive tried making it many times. Its always not good. Tnx

  6. promise says:

    Thank you Terry for all your tutorial…I have really learnt a lot.

  7. Eva Eby says:

    Chai, my mouth dey water. In Naija accent. LOL. Good job Terry.

  8. aisha says:


  9. Jacob Sussanna says:

    Wonderful stuffs!

  10. Jacob Sussanna says:

    It’s always a pleasure to visit here

  11. Nabz al rash says:

    Very heart warming to see someone doing northern food so accurately.. You must have lived in kaduna or Kano for a while

    • Terry Adido says:

      Thanks Nabz, Born and breed in KD.

      • Kankemwa says:

        The Northern dishes featured are all so tasty. “Fonio Pottage” is from Plateau State in the Middle Belt and it was such a pleasant surprise to see it here! Such a healthy and filling dish. The “acha” can be used to make a pudding and also “tuwo” which goes spectacularly with “Miyan Kuka”. Thank you and keep the recipes coming!

        • Terry Adido says:

          You are welcome Kankemwa. I’m part Berom from Plateau state so expect to see a lot more dishes from Northern Nigeria on this page. Thanks for your insightful and information filled message.

          • Kankemwa says:

            Looking forward to seeing more “home” recipes from the Plateau in particular. Really great website you have here with lots to learn! Thank you. “Mafeng” (I hope I got that right).

          • Terry Adido says:

            Thanks Kankemwa. I plan to share a lot more. And yes, it is Mafeng.

  12. Amani says:

    Amazing recipes. I’m married to a Nigerian and always looking for ways to introduce our children to foods from this amazing country. I’ve tried moi moi, looking forward to trying the rest!

  13. 9jalongthroat says:

    came here via oyacomechop’s insta page! love your blog and insta page and really like that you respond to as many comments as you can! well done! i only wish you were in the UK, so i can order a lovely lovely cake! well done!

  14. Sisilicious says:

    All the foods ‘re mouth watery #keepthegudwrkmoving

  15. Kemi says:

    Hello Terry, I watched you on Master Chef Canada and you did an outstanding job. Keep doing the good job and I would like to mention to you that if in the in future you find your self in such competition, please don’t trust your co-competitors with your all heart because they are your greatest enemy.

    I am not advising you but just my thoughts, for some reasons I feel Dr. Shawn wanted you out. No matter how your friendship grew in the house, he probably would want his greatest competitor out of the game and that was his opportunity to let you out.

    I feel so bad he could have corrected the mistake but he neglected it. Its all good and gone, I am not blaming him Dr. Shawn just sharing my thought. Nigerians and I are all proud of your great work.

    I wish you all the best.

    • Terry Adido says:

      Hi Kemi, I don’t think your assessment of Dr. Shawn is fair. He is an amazing home cook. He honestly did not notice the mistake. And yes, it was a competition and Dr. Shawn was also a co-competitor and its ok for him to want me out just the same way I would have wanted him out eventually. Thanks for your comment though.

      • Kemi says:

        Hello Terry, I meant no harm with my comment and neither did I mean to put down Dr. Shawn. I respect his work and your work. Besides, I can’t even beat you guys in the kitchen if I have to compete with you.

        My comment is based on my “no harm” opinion as your fan and I am sure there are other fans out there that would love to see you win.

        Your hard work was noticed and appreciated and in my opinion I felt you should win. All I was trying to pass across in my first comment is that “your elimination seem more political”.

        I do Apologize if my comment was passed as defamation against Dr. Shawn.

        Happy Fan.

        • Terry Adido says:

          I was not at all offended by your comment. I was only trying to give my own point of view. And yes, my elimination was obviously “political”, just not the way you see it. I appreciate your comment.

  16. Amatullah says:

    Hi what can I take with custard beside moi moi and akara?

  17. uma eke says:

    I wud like to subscribe to ur youtube channel..plz re u on YouTube?

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