Breads and Pastries

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(2) Pastries


7 comments on “Breads and Pastries
  1. Sherifat says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, may the almighty continue to increase your knowledge. I have learnt a lot from your site and am going to put it to use

  2. Sharon Kennedy says:

    I baked 2 dozen muffins, one set all bran and the other set oatmeal and apple, both did not rise. The mix came out like cookie batter, I had to hand fill tins. So there is two questions, should batter be firm and why did it not rise.

    • Terry Adido says:

      Hi Sharon. If the mix came out that firm, then you obviously did not get your measurements well. Muffin batter should not be firm. That might explain why it did not rise.

  3. Amina Maina says:

    Hi Terry, please I need doughnut recipe

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