(1) Breads

Whole Wheat Bread







(2) Chicken Dishes








(3) Drinks








(4) Pasta Dishes

Spinach Linguine







(5) Rice Dishes 

Fried Seafood Rice







(6) Salads








(7) Seafood Dishes


14 comments on “Categories
  1. Ijeoma Wole-Adanlawo says:

    I love ur take on food

  2. Titilayo Lanre-Mohammed says:

    Well done Terry for sharing with us your wealth of knowledge.

  3. aisha says:

    thumb up oga T! it’s gr8 having u

  4. Tasha says:

    Am so glad 2 cum across dis blog… Well done TERRY..

  5. Jennifer mackintosh says:

    Was referred by a friend sam dung and am glad to have checked, it’s a great work you doing here.nice one

  6. Amaka says:

    Please under what category are your cake recipes? I love your recipes BTW.

  7. ijeoma says:

    Hello terry,am an ardent follower of your blog.thank you so much for the good works ur creativity is a wow.
    I will like you to do a tutorial on how I can place a chandelier on a three tiered topsy turvy cake.thanks

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