Rice Dishes

(1) Beef-Basil Fried Rice

Fried Rice







(2) Beetroot Fried Rice








(3) Butternut Squash Risotto








(4) Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice







(5) Jollof Rice

jollof rice








(6) Lemon and Parmesan Risotto








(7) Nigerian Fried Rice

2015-02-13 16.04.54-2







(8) Paella









(9) Saffron Rice

saffron ric








(10) Seafood Fried Rice








(11) White Rice

Boiled Rice







(12) Wild Rice Pilaf


6 comments on “Rice Dishes
  1. Michelle says:

    Hello Terry, I tried your Beet Fried Rice Recipe yestaday and it was awesome. Thanks for sharing . I will love to get updates when you post new recipes.

    • Terry Adido says:

      Hi. I’m glad you loved it. I have created a new page on the site which can be linked through the “New Recipes” button on the home page. There you can find new recipes as they are posted. I also regularly provide links to new recipes on the Facebook page “Grated Nutmeg.” Thank you for your interest in Grated Nutmeg and my recipes.

  2. esther says:

    Hi please i need instruction or direction on how to cook the beef-brasil fried ricerice

  3. Dayo says:

    Hi Cuz,
    I tried you beef- basil fried rice some months back. it was good. friends that came over for lunch loved it. Now i am looking for something for Easter.

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