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This is a tutorial on how to make these beautiful fondant carnation flowers. They are really quite easy to make and require only a few tools.

Naked Cake









naked cake










(1) Two Crinkled Cookie Cutters (3 inch and 2 inch)

(2) A Rolling Pin

(3) Paint Brushes

(4) Floral Wires

(5) Flower Drying Racks

(6) Round Frosting Tip (I used Wilton No. 10 Tip)

(7) An Electric Kettle, Hand Steamer or Pot of Boiling Water

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(1) Fondant. I use marshmallow fondant

(2) Pink and Green Color Paste

(3) Water

(4) Pink Pearl Dust

(5) Vodka









(1) Cut out floral wires into lengths of about 4 inches. Bend one end of the wires to form a loop.

(2) Color your fondant a light shade of pink.

(3) Roll out the fondant and use the 3 inch cookie cutter to cut out circles. You will need 2 crinkled circles per flower.

2015-03-04 10.29.15







(4) Using the side of a paint brush, thin out the edges of the circles to create ruffles.

2015-03-04 10.33.18







2015-03-04 10.35.46







(5) Brush a little bit of water in the middle of a circle place the other circle on it.

2015-03-04 10.36.49







(4) Fold both circles to form a semi-circle.

2015-03-04 10.37.32







(5) Brush some water in the middle of the folded circle, embed a floral wire into one end of the semi-circle and wrap it around the wire. Be careful not to squish the ruffles while wrapping (light touch).

2015-03-04 10.38.08







2015-03-04 10.39.56







2015-03-04 10.39.45







(6) Bend the other end of the floral wire and hang the flowers upside down on a drying rack for at least 8 hours, preferably until the next day. You need this part of the flower to dry so it is not indented during the rest of the process, thus affecting the bloom.

2015-03-04 21.02.33









TIP: You can also make smaller flowers using a 1 inch cookie cutter. I love showing size variety in my floral arrangements.

(7) Roll out the leftover pink fondant and cut out circles using the 2 inch cutter. Note: The cutters here must be smaller than those used earlier on. You will need 3 crinkled circles per flower.

2015-03-04 21.08.34







(8) Ruffle the ends of the circles like you did before and stack 3 circles on each other with water.

2015-03-04 21.10.52







2015-03-04 21.11.42







(9) Make a hole in the middle of the circles using the frosting tip (or any other tool of your choice).

2015-03-04 21.12.40







(10) Brush around the hole with some little water and drape the circles over a dried flower. Push the circles as far down as you can so it forms a full bloom with the rest of the flower.

2015-03-04 21.13.48







(11) Dry the flowers on a drying rack for about 5 hours.

2015-03-05 10.35.37









(12) Color some fondant green, divide it into small balls  and shape them into cones using the end of a paint brush.

2015-03-05 10.50.17







2015-03-05 10.53.04







(13) Apply some water to the base of the flowers and push in the cones to cover the flower base.

(14) Allow the base to dry for a couple of hours.

2015-03-05 13.59.54









(15) Steam the flowers for a few seconds (2 seconds max) over some boiling water. If you have a hand steamer, use it. This will make the flowers glossy.

(16) Mix some pink pearl dust with vodka and use it to brush the tip of the flower petals.

2015-03-05 14.12.03







(17) Allow the flowers to dry for about an hour before using. These flowers can be made weeks/months in advance.









(1) Fondant Ruffles Flower Tutorial










Terry Adido is passionate about showing people how easy it is to recreate restaurant quality meals in the comfort of their kitchens. With a style of cooking he refers to as Afro-European Fusion, his meals are influenced greatly by French and Italian Cuisine with a West African twist. If you love good food, you are in for the ride of your life.

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      You are welcome Latoier. Glad I could help. You can find some of my other flowers here. You can always drop a message here or send me a message on my Facebook page also called Grated Nutmeg. All the best with your wedding cake in August.

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