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This is a tutorial on how to make cherry blossoms which can be used to decorate cakes. These blossoms were used as toppers for a Pink Ombre Cake. They are very impressive looking flowers and somewhat easy to make. There are various ways of making these flowers. Below is my method.

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For a tutorial on how to make easy blossom flowers like the blue ones in the picture below, click here.











(1) Rolling Pin

(2) Small Rose Petal Cutter

(3) Flower Stamens (Can be found in cake decorating stores)

(4) Floral Wires (22 Gauge or thinner)

(5) Scissors and Pliers

(6) Paint Brushes

(7) Fondant Petal Vainer and Ball Tool

(8) Flower Drying Rack

(9) A Shape Blade


(1) Fondant

(2) Pink Pearl and Color Dusts

(3) Green Color Dust

(4) Water

(5) Corn Starch


(1) Roll white fondant into balls.

2015-02-17 03.41.45







(2) Shape the balls into cones.

2015-02-17 03.42.45







(3) Flatten the base of the cones with your fingers and make the top cap pointed.

2015-02-17 03.44.10







(4) Use a rose petal cutter to cut out the flower.

2015-02-17 03.44.32







2015-02-17 03.46.05







(5) Flatten the petals more with your fingers or a petal ball tool.

2015-02-17 03.49.03







(6) Use a petal vainer to make veins on the petals and create a hollow in the middle of the flower.

2015-02-17 03.50.09







(7) Use a sharp blade to cut out a small “V” at the tip of each petal.

2015-02-17 03.51.03







(8) Take about 4 flower stamens and bend them in the middle.

2015-02-17 03.56.03







(9) Twist a floral wire around the middle of the stamens and all the way to the end of the floral wire.

2015-02-17 03.57.16







(10) Brush the middle of the flower with some water and pass the floral wire through the flower. Curve the end of the floral wire to form a hook and hang the flower upside down on your flower drying rack. Leave the flowers to dry for 24 hours.

2015-02-18 22.40.43







2015-02-18 22.41.02







2015-02-18 10.47.28-1







(11) To make flower buds, Roll out fondant into small balls. Form a hook at one end of floral wires. Insert the floral wires into the balls and shape the base of the balls into a tube. Using an indenting tool or the back of a knife, make 3 indents from the middle of the buds running down the sides of the buds. Allow these to dry too.

2015-02-17 20.50.30







2015-02-17 20.51.59







2015-02-17 21.45.43







(12) After the flowers have dried, its time to brush them with color and pearl dust. Mix some pink color and pearl dust with corn starch to lighten up the color. Brush the inside and outside of the flowers with the pink dust combo.

2015-02-18 22.44.16







2015-02-18 22.45.55







(13) Brush the ends of the flowers with green color dust.

2015-02-18 23.20.29







(14) Color the buds too.

2015-02-18 23.41.40







(15) Steam the flowers to set the color. Allow the flowers to dry for a few hours before using them.








(16) To form the flowers into clusters, use a floral wire to tie a few flowers and buds together.

2015-02-25 21.47.16








You can also make some dark pink leaves to add to your cherry blossom clusters.

2015-02-25 21.39.06

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  1. Aisha Chougle says:

    Hi! So well explained!! Only thing what I didnt get is ” steam the flowers to set the colour” cud you pl explain. Thnx in advance.

  2. Gloria says:

    On point. Just love to visit your page.

  3. Joy says:

    Thank you very much for this tutorial, Terry. Please shed more light on step 9. Do you simply mean to form a hook on the floral wire and pass it through to the middle of the stamens?

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